Ready, Set, Spring!

Four Way Spring

March has sprung bringing the promise of brighter, sunnier days ahead. It will soon be time to embrace the changing seasons, adopt a lighter weight wardrobe and relegate those warm knits to winter hibernation. With that in mind, I thought it would be useful to post a run-down of the key trends that are doing the rounds this spring.

In The Pink

Where better to start then with this spring’s hottest colour. Back in September, LFW Spring/Summer 2014 was awash with shades of pink covering the full spectrum from bubblegum pastels to bright fuchsia. There were no hard and fast rules so you have free rein to pick your hue and rock it however you desire. Here are a few of the ways I’ll be wearing pink.

Pink Everywhere

Bubblegum Bluebell

All that Glitters

This final look is my favourite because it combines two trends in one, embellishment and pink. Who doesn’t like to kill two birds with one stone, eh?

Lace It Up

For some people, lace is synonymous with conjuring up images of racy lingerie. However, used in a slightly more conservative way, lace was all the rage on the SS14 catwalk. Bolder and more liberal use of lace meant the usual decorative detailing, previously favoured on the catwalk, was replaced by head to toe ensembles such as lace dresses and lace pencil skirts.

Lace it Up

The look I’ve chosen here is quite vintage inspired, almost Downton Abbey-esque.

Flower Power

I am a big fan of sprucing up a hairdo with a flower. Intricate braids embellished with small delicate flowers are very popular at the moment. Here I’ve tried to keep the look whimsical but with a modern touch to avoid looking too hippified. I think I like the tonal grey flower most.

Power to the Flower


This is a trend that rears its pretty head nearly every spring. Pastels done the right way are fresh, girly and sugary sweet. I’ve combined different textures in complementing lilac shades to make the look a bit edgier here.

Lilac Fairy


Never be too shy to verbalise how you feel. Say it loud and proud with a slogan tee or cap. Not sure why I’ve gone with a ‘Dude’ cap here, seeing as I’m female, but the heart wants what the heart wants.


So there you have it – the key trends of spring as modelled by my furry self. I hope my spring lookbook inspires you to inject a bit of spring lovin’ into your life and wardrobe.

What will you be choosing to wear this spring?

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Wordless Wednesday – It’s Cold Outside!

It's Cold Outside!

It’s Cold Outside!

January weather – it does exactly what it says on the tin.


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Time for The Hat!

Time for The Hat!

Time for The Hat!

The weather here in London has taken a decidedly chillier turn. It was obvious that I was going to need to take action to prevent my bunny ears from getting too cold. I was given no choice but to accept that I, Bluebell Bunny, was about to become a hat wearer! Now not everyone is a fan of the humble head warmer. Some may find them uncomfortable to sport, others simply feel they look unflattering on them but I am an avid supporter of the hat. Do not scoff or mock, worn the right way, a hat can be a great accessory to a fall/autumn/winter look.

How to wear a hat correctly:

  • Get a hat that fits your head – it shouldn’t be precariously propped on top of your head likely to slip off with any sort of head movement (retro Olly Murs-esque look) or uncomfortably tight causing the wearer a headache.
  • Co-ordinate hat with outfit – should be an obvious one. In winter you’re probably looking at matching it to your coat.
  • Season/Occasion appropriate – be sensible here. Summer hat with winter office wear… just plain wrong on all levels.
  • Hair under the hat – At some point you’ll need to take that hat off your head and you don’t want to be greeted with a frizzy nightmare lurking underneath. Style your hair simply under that hat (think ponytail etc) and you should be fine.

Now as a bunny, some of these points will be irrelevant to me but hopefully useful to human folk. This is by no means a comprehensive list of the Do’s and Don’ts of hat wearing but it should help you avoid any unnecessary faux pas.

Most of all remember not to hate on the hat!

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