The BIG Knit

Big Knit Hat

Big Knit Hat

The Innocent Big Knit is back for this November here in the UK. I had a rummage around my dressing up box and managed to dig out this little number from last year’s campaign. For those of you unacquainted with the Innocent Big Knit, it goes something like this:

  • General public knit little hats and submit them to Innocent.
  • Hats adorn Innocent smoothie bottles  (yes you read that right, the drinks wear the hats).
  • Smoothies available to purchase from local shops supporting the campaign and 25p from the sale of each bottle goes to Age UK.
  • Funds raised from smoothie sales go to Age UK’s ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign to make winter warmer for vulnerable old people. Such funds are spent on things like hot water bottles, blankets, hot meals and social gatherings.

It’s really as simple as that to get involved. This year the Big Knit is celebrating it’s 10th birthday and they’ve introduced an extra way to join in. The Big Knitter is an online virtual hat maker. Basically you design a hat, share it on Facebook or Twitter and for every share Innocent will donate an extra 10p towards Age UK’s ‘Spread the Warmth campaign’.

For more information on the Big Knit please click here.

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