I Heart My Bunny Bed

I heart Bunny Bed

Bunny Bed Take Two

Close Up

Casual Paw

So, you’ve never heard of a bunny bed before? Say what?! Well consider yourself enlightened by this post, my friend.

Ok, fair enough, this is actually marketed as a small dog’s bed but those are only the manufacturer’s general intended user guidelines – technically just a formality then. Product literature, like this, has never stopped me from making a purchase in the past. I think it’s clear for everyone to see how completely and utterly smitten I am with my bunny bed. Inspired by the catchphrases of the X Factor/American Idol judges – I’ve gone ahead and ‘made it my own’.  I can’t get over how snuggly and comfy it is! I’m often tempted to stay snoozing in it all day long.

Recently, I posted a photo of myself flopped in my bunny bed on twitter. The response I received, from fellow bunny owners, seemed to suggest that personal experience with bunnies and bunny beds were very varied. If word on my twitter is correct, then I suspect bunny beds aren’t the norm, like cat/dog ones, because it appears us bunnies are a little more unpredictable in our lounging preferences. However, if you have a bunny, definitely consider investing in a pet bed for them. They might just surprise you and take to it remarkably well – just like myself. Or not, depends on the bunny I guess. 

I managed to get my hands on this bunny bed for half price in the January TK Maxx sale, so I’m unsure as to whether it’s still available for purchase there. However, if you’re keen to become a proud bunny bed owner yourself, a similar product can be found here.

Let me know below, if you would ever consider getting your rabbit a pet bed?


Valentine’s Day – Bunny Be Mine

Bunny Love

Bunny Love

Valentine’s Day aka ‘The Official Day of Love’ is here once again. Some love it, some loathe it and many are just plain indifferent to it. Personally, I have decided to give into the hype and fully embrace the romantic madness surrounding this time of year. Now, I am a single bunny, but I do not believe that means I should feel left out of the celebrations. Love, isn’t purely reserved for romantic relationships or even familial relationships, having love for oneself, is the most important aspect of sustaining a happy existence on earth. Therefore, I suggest, not letting the perfect opportunity pass to celebrate love in all it’s forms – and spoil your significant self if there is no significant other.

Here are my plans for V-Day 2014:

Girl’s night in with my BFF

You Got A Friend in Me

You Got A Friend in Me

Me and My BFF

Me and My BFF

You’ve got to love a girl’s night in. Drinks, snacks, pampering… all that good stuff. Add to the mix – a couple of your favourite films or box sets, shared with your best friends and what could be better?! I might not have anyone buying me flowers or jewellery this year, but I’ll be having so much fun with my friends – I won’t have time to worry about being single on Valentine’s Day.

Single or not, how are you spending Valentine’s Day?

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