Valentine’s Day – Bunny Be Mine

Bunny Love

Bunny Love

Valentine’s Day aka ‘The Official Day of Love’ is here once again. Some love it, some loathe it and many are just plain indifferent to it. Personally, I have decided to give into the hype and fully embrace the romantic madness surrounding this time of year. Now, I am a single bunny, but I do not believe that means I should feel left out of the celebrations. Love, isn’t purely reserved for romantic relationships or even familial relationships, having love for oneself, is the most important aspect of sustaining a happy existence on earth. Therefore, I suggest, not letting the perfect opportunity pass to celebrate love in all it’s forms – and spoil your significant self if there is no significant other.

Here are my plans for V-Day 2014:

Girl’s night in with my BFF

You Got A Friend in Me

You Got A Friend in Me

Me and My BFF

Me and My BFF

You’ve got to love a girl’s night in. Drinks, snacks, pampering… all that good stuff. Add to the mix – a couple of your favourite films or box sets, shared with your best friends and what could be better?! I might not have anyone buying me flowers or jewellery this year, but I’ll be having so much fun with my friends – I won’t have time to worry about being single on Valentine’s Day.

Single or not, how are you spending Valentine’s Day?

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