Halloween: Bunny Style

Here's One I Made Earlier

Here’s One I Made Earlier

Essential Halloween Checklist

  1. Carved pumpkin/jack-o-lantern check
  2. Treats (Or tricks if that’s your bag) for the Trick-or-Treaters – check
  3. Bunny in costumecheck

Yes, it wouldn’t be Halloween without a pet in a costume or two. Now, we’ve all seen the dogs and the cats…standard procedure. I’m reaching out to big up the love for us smaller critters, who can sometimes be neglected and left out of this annual tradition. Personally, I’ve been having difficulties locating off-the-peg gear to fit my mini-lop frame. I weighed up my options and decided I’d have to do a Blue Peter job on this (above photo). I’m by no means a D-I-Y Master, so settled upon the relatively easy to recreate, ubiquitous symbol of Halloween – ‘The Witch’s Hat’.

In the interests of gender equality and because every good party announces a King and Queen/Mr and Mrs award – here’s my housemate Bailey Bunny representing for the guys:

Bailey Bunny

Bailey Bunny

Bailey, seen here, channelling his inner dark and mysterious character. I reckon he’s found his perfect colour in purple. Suits you, sir.

However you decide to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, I hope you have lots of fun!

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